• Vilnius Workshop Follow-up

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The below material is in support of the follow-up on the September 17, 2010 Internet Governance Forum workshop on City-TLD Governance and Best Practices held in Vilnius, Lithuania.



City Governance Advocacy Contacts
  • Interdependence Movement - a network of artists, educators, students, politicians, entrepreneurs, civic and religious leaders and other activists, who advocate for new forms of constructive civic interdependence. See here. They work toward more interdependence between cities. Ben Barber, author of When Mayors Rule is a leader of the movement.



















      Tasks to Complete

       The following steps being considered / completed as per advancing public interest city-TLDs.

      • Form an organization of proponents of public interest city-TLDs.
      • Prepare literature to inform mayors of the world of the utility of city-TLDs, distribute it through their best practices organizations.
      • Via petition and other mechanisms, advocate for the thoughtful and rapid approval of city-TLDs to the ICANN community. Such petition should note:
        • that the operation of city government, the quality of city life, and the sustainability of cities will be improved by the thoughtful issuance and development of city-TLDs.
        • the unsuitability of the proposed filing fees, technology requirements, and registry/registrar separation for city-TLDs as proposed in the Draft Application Guidebook, especially for less developed areas.
        • that the acceptance of city-TLDs as a distinct category of TLDs, governed under the existing laws of nation-states; unencumbered by traditional concerns about trademark stress; and governed by responsible entities will free the ICANN to focus on more problematic TLD categories.
      • Nation-states should be contacted through the members of the ICANN's Government Advisory Committee (GAC) and other channels and charged with assembling a list of cities with an existing interest in TLDs.
      • Submit a list of cities with an interest in their TLDs to the ICANN and that such city applications be processed and approved in an expedited manner.
      • Facilitate the formation within ICANN of a dedicated administrative unit to process public interest city-TLD applications.
      • Create city-to-city processes and communication channels to share best practices.
      • Create relationships within a global governance structure. 

       Follow-up Tasks

      • Identify a definition of a Public Interest City-TLD.
      • List of cities interested in public interest TLD.
      • Create and distribute literature explaining city-TLDs for distribution to cities.
      • Identify governance structure options locally
      • Identify governance structure options globally

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