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Deciding between contesting interests for names will be a cause for dispute and resolution. Here we explore ways to channel traditional disputes into cooperative efforts.


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Names such as news.nyc and sports.nyc will be desired by many parties and the manner of resolving these disputes is discussed elsewhere.

In most instances their use will be to the parties who can make the most effective use of them.

Here we look at what might be a special part of the dispute resolution issue, where disputes run cross sectors. In this instance between culture and civic Rugby the Brooklyn neighborhood and the sport of rugby.

Early into our Civic Names Set-Aside effort we came across a potential conflict between the civic and culture sectors. The civic sector is represented by the Rugby neighborhood in Brooklyn's Community District 17 - the area between Linden, Utica, Ditmas, and Nostrand Avenues. And with cultural sector by the sport of rugby.                                           

How do we decide who gets the rugby.nyc domain name, the neighborhood or sport? Is it a scrum that decides, or can we develop sensible guidelines?

Are there basic rules that might assist in making these decisions? For example, is civic life more important than cultural?

This is not an unanticipated development, and we've been working with ICANN and other city TLD developers to create guidelines to help make important decisions of this type. Our Domain Name Allocation Plan presents our general thoughts on questions of this sort and dotNeighborhoods offers a more focused look at neighborhood names.

Our Resident Advisory Network provides an opportunity for the civicly engaged to get involved with questions of this type.

Community vs. Culture vs. Commerce

  • Rugby vs. Rugby = Community vs. Culture
  • Corona vs. Corona = Community vs. Commerce

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