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­­­New York City is a global leader of the fashion industry. Here we discuss options for the development of the fashion.nyc domain name. ­















In October 2009 we received notice from the Committee for Open Fashion NYC, organizer of Fashion Camp 2009, requesting that the fashion.nyc domain name be reserved for use by New York City’s fashion industry. The Committee suggested that fashion.nyc should: ­

  • present a complete and unbiased directory of the city’s fashion industry.
  • Care should be taken to assure that suitable control is exercised over those listed in the directory to assure that they are indeed city businesses.
  • That FASHION.NYC serve as a means to locate fashion resources beneficial to the city’s fashion industry – suppliers, manufacturers, designers, fashion houses, and students. ­
  • That a simple fill-in form providing a webpage for new entrants into the fashion industry, e.g., www.fashion.nyc/newcompany, be made available.
We were delighted to see these suggestions as we are developing appropriate models for important portal names. Your thoughts on this and other names are welcomed.

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