intrepid-intern.bmpJackson Hs., New York - Ready to help rethink the Internet as a civic tool to create a better New York City for its residents and organizations?

As the new semester approaches, we invite those with a feel for the future, the ability to imagine a better city, and capable of working with a good deal of independence to join our campaign to acquire and develop the .nyc TLD.

A few of the areas where we can use help are governance (TLD oversight, not-for-profit board structuring ), marketing (strategic plan, materials design), media creation ( web design, video, database, newsletter), law (Internet, NYS, NTIA, contracts, domain name allocation plan, dispute resolution policy), finance, community organizing, and network design. Send indications of interest to Thomas Lowenhaupt. (Creative Commons picture courtesy of Jeff Lerner.)

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New York - On Friday, November 30, 2007 Inc.’s founder Thomas Lowenhaupt returned to his alma mater, NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, to present the case for the .nyc TLD.

He first reviewed the basics of city governance and top level domains (TLDs) then detailed the negative impacts that have resulted from cities having been omitted from the Internet’s domain name system (DNS).

After reviewing the “easy” ways a .nyc TLD could favorably impact the city - good names, a directory, and a more intuitive city - he discussed the economic and quality of life improvements that can be achieved using community networking tools. He invited the audience to imagine a more connected city, where local opportunities and concerns are identified, solutions considered, decisions made, and solutions implemented using networking features offered within a .nyc TLD.

He urged everyone to explore these opportunities in the project wiki’s Development and Identity sections, and invited volunteers or interns to join and support the Campaign for .nyc.

Learn more about our overall effort from our Wiki Pages

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