sunrise-nyc.pngJackson Hts., New York, May 4, 2014 - Starting at noon tomorrow those owning an international trademark will be eligible to select its equivalent .nyc domain name. This “Sunrise Phase” will last for 45 days.

So if you have a globally recognized trademark - one issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office counts, but one issued by NYS doesn’t - you’ll be eligible to register it.

But you’ll need to prove ownership by registering it with the Trademark Clearing House. (You’ll have to pay a $150 fee and receive a SMD File as proof of ownership). For the official details on process and whether you qualify, see To register a name, start here.

While we’re delighted to see the .nyc issuance process move ahead, we have two concerns:

  • Our main concern is that trademarks issued by New York State don’t count. And it’s too late for those with a NYS trademark to get a U.S. Trademark within Sunrise. Those with NYS trademarks and desiring a .nyc domain name will need to submit their applications in August, during the Landrush Phase. And at that point their NYS trademark will provide no special right to use their existing business name. When existing businesses experience the loss of their traditional names we expect an outcry or two.
  • We’re also concerned about the quality of the nexus policy - which seeks to limit .nyc names to city entities. The current policy allows an entity from anywhere to use a mailing service as proof of city nexus. But it only takes 5 minutes to acquire a 5th Avenue address using one of hundreds of re-mailing businesses that operate in the city. Nexus needs strengthening.

But after all these years, things are finally moving ahead. And we’re pleased to see city hall (and its contractor) focused on making the most of this opportunity.

Those planning on registering a trademark within .nyc can access a list of 30 or so registrars at For those not in the Sunrise category, details on the City Government, Landrush, and General Availability phases are available here, with the latest timeline as follows:  

Registration Periods For the .nyc TLD


 Start Date Start Time UTC      End Date     End Time UTC
Sunrise 45 days            
May 5, 2014       15:00:01 
   June 20, 2014
City Government    
36 days June 25, 2014       15:00:01    July 31, 2014      15:00:00
Landrush Period 60 days August 4, 2014       15:00:01    October 3, 2014      15:00:00
General Availability n/a October 8, 2014 15:00:00     n/a       n/a

 (Creative Commons image courtesy of Bob Jagendorf.)

Learn more about the opportunities provided by the .nyc TLD on our wiki pages.

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