November 13, 2011 - With the world more topsy-turvy than usual, one must wonder about the proper oversight and standards that should guide a  city-TLD. Recently we were struck by the Occupy Wall Street movement and the growing recognition of the role the commons play in our everyday lives. Today we heard this ballad by a young Hawaiian, Mankana - - and wondered about the world we’re in and the one in which our children and theirs will live.

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Jackson Hts., New York, November 11, 2011 - New Yorkers are receiving offers to “pre-register” .nyc and .newyork domain names. At this lucky moment ( we’d like to pass on some advice - scammers are afoot “pre-registering” our domain names (New York’s). Neither the city of New York, Inc., nor any other entity has been authorized by ICANN, the global overseer of new TLDs, to engage with so called “pre-registrations.” Those issuing them are not in a position to honor them.

More important, if you think you have identified a game changer domain name, we suggest you keep it for yourself until the official registrations are open. It would be unwise to tell a stranger about it as s/he might register it before you have the opportunity to do so.

If these companies ask for a payment in exchange for this “pre-registration,” you might consider calling the local District Attorney.

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