­The-Prize-nyc-2010b.jpgConey Island, ­July 25, 2010 - ­­­­­The 2010 Hippodamus of Miletus Prize.nyc has been awarded to Ethan Jucovy, manager of the CoActivate platform that powers our wiki and blog. CoActivate is a not-for-profit venture that views its platform as a force for social activism.

The Prize .nyc, named after the father of planning Hippodamus of Miletus, is given annually to the person or organization that has contributed most to the concept or technology that facilitated the .nyc TLD’s advancement over the past year.

Connecting.nyc Inc.’s wiki and blog run on the open-source CoActivate software originally developed by The Open Planning Project, now OpenPlans. Ethan worked on CoActivate for several years while at OpenPlans. In May 2010 OpenPlans transferred management control of CoActivate to Ethan. Whether your group is mobilizing voters, planning a protest, or growing a garden, CoActivate can help you become more effective. CoActivate is about greasing the wheels of democracy.

The photo above shows the Prize.nyc award dinner at the original Nathans in Coney Island. Shown are Ethan Jucovy, honored guest Jackie Arasi, and Connecting.nyc Inc.’s founding director Tom Lowenhaupt. The consensus among the celebrants was that the hot dogs were best, followed by a close tie by the fries and beer.

See the Prize.nyc for previous winners and for the process to submit a nomination for Prize.nyc 2011.(Photo by Patti Lowenhaupt)

Learn more about our overall effort from our Wiki Home Page


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