UPDATE: See the workshop report.

New York, August 17, 2010 - (Sept. 14 update) Inc. will participate on a City TLD Governance and Best Practices workshop being held at the 5th Internet Governance Forum (IGF)  in Vilnius, Lithuania on September 17.

As the ICANN moves closer to issuing city TLDs, a few cities have publicly shown an interest in their acquisition and development - Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, New York - with several others  in contemplation. But most remain unaware of the economic benefits and improved quality of life a thoughtfully developed city TLD can provide.

To date, the few cities with an announced interest have developed their plans in camera, without public or inter-city consultation. The City TLD workshop was organized to shine a global light on the opportunities provided by the digital infrastructure enabled by city TLDs. It is hoped that the dialog will facilitate information sharing policies and processes that will result in more efficient, governable, and livable cities.

The IGF was created by the United Nations’ Secretary-General to help carry out the World Summit on the Information Society mandate to convene a new forum for multi-stakeholder policy dialogue on Internet governance.  The workshop was proposed by and developed in consultation with the Internet Governance Caucus and the IGF.

The City TLD Governance and Best Practices workshop will be held in Room 7 of the LITEXPO Center on Friday, September 17, from 2:30 to 4:30 PM Vilnius time. New Yorkers can participate in the event via a remote connection beginning at 8:30 AM on the 17th. Details on the connection process for Vilnius events will be found here. Inc. will be represented on the workshop by its founding director, Thomas Lowenhaupt. If you have questions or comments for the workshop, email

UPDATE: See the workshop report.

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­The-Prize-nyc-2010b.jpgConey Island, ­July 25, 2010 - ­­­­­The 2010 Hippodamus of Miletus has been awarded to Ethan Jucovy, manager of the CoActivate platform that powers our wiki and blog. CoActivate is a not-for-profit venture that views its platform as a force for social activism.

The Prize .nyc, named after the father of planning Hippodamus of Miletus, is given annually to the person or organization that has contributed most to the concept or technology that facilitated the .nyc TLD’s advancement over the past year. Inc.’s wiki and blog run on the open-source CoActivate software originally developed by The Open Planning Project, now OpenPlans. Ethan worked on CoActivate for several years while at OpenPlans. In May 2010 OpenPlans transferred management control of CoActivate to Ethan. Whether your group is mobilizing voters, planning a protest, or growing a garden, CoActivate can help you become more effective. CoActivate is about greasing the wheels of democracy.

The photo above shows the award dinner at the original Nathans in Coney Island. Shown are Ethan Jucovy, honored guest Jackie Arasi, and Inc.’s founding director Tom Lowenhaupt. The consensus among the celebrants was that the hot dogs were best, followed by a close tie by the fries and beer.

See the for previous winners and for the process to submit a nomination for 2011.(Photo by Patti Lowenhaupt)

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CityofWaterDay.jpgGovernors Island, New York, July 24, 2010 - Inc. hosted a table at the City of Water Day Festival on Governors Island today. The event, organized by the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance, is “a day of entertainment, education, and adventure for all to celebrate the potential of our waterfront.”

Our decision to participate in City of Water Day was influenced by two “name” events. The first was reading a New York Times story about a woman complaining that the Bronx River and other city water bodies were either not identified accurately or at all on the new subway map.

The Times story brought to mind a comment that Assembly Member Jeffrion Aubry of East Elmhurst made several years ago at a public hearing. A developer had requested the community board’s OK to remove a huge boulder that stood in the way of a proposed new hotel near LaGuardia Airport. Jeffrion, nearly three score at that point, noted that a stream passed the beloved boulder when he was a kid (Killy Pond they called it) into which he and his friends would jump.

These two water-name events led us to think about how city water bodies could be further identified and developed with good domain names, like So we set up our table on a most glorious day and asked City of Water Day celebrants on Governors Island to provide names of  city water resources that we might reserve. See our City of Water Names wiki page for the responses we received and where you enter other water names. Of the many names offered, everyone’s favorite was Dead Horse Cove.

If we can think of a more engaging presentation we might again table next year. But it was a gem of an event and those manning the table agreed that more-fun less-work should be the rule for City of Water Day 2011. For example, did you ever think about riding on a fire boat while it shoots its water cannons? City of Water Day provides the opportunity to fulfill such youthful dreams. Look for me on the fire boat next summer.

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