MIT-Center-for-Future-Civic-Media.JPG­­New York, November 21, 2008 - MIT’s Center for Future Civic Media has selected Inc.’s “Campaign for .nyc” as a community partner project.

The Center for Future Media is a collaboration of the Media Lab and Comparative Media Studies. The Center defines civic media as “any form of communication that strengthens the social bonds within a community or creates a strong sense of civic engagement among its residents. Civic media goes beyond news gathering and reporting.”

We’re delighted to have this association with the Center. It promises to be another site where people can learn about our effort and make suggestions about .nyc’s role in creating a more livable city. And we’ll visit the Center often to learn from the civic media developments by the Center and our fellow partners. Visit us at the Center.

Learn more about The Campaign for .nyc on our wiki pages.

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