nyc-grassroots-media-2008.0.jpg The Campaign for .nyc will be making a presentation at the Grassroots Media Conference on Sunday, March 2 from 10:30 AM to 12 at Hunter College. (Cost and location details here.)

Here’s the sponsor’s definition of Media Justice, this year’s conference theme:

“Media Justice recognizes the need for a media that comes from, and is responsive to, the people, ­a media that addresses systemic marginalization and discrimination and that speaks truth to power. Media Justice asserts that our communities and airwaves are more than markets, and that our relationship to the media must be more than passive consumption. Media Justice recognizes that the form of our current media system is not inevitable, but the result of an interplay of history, technology, power, and privilege. Media Justice seeks to integrate efforts to reform our media system with a social justice agenda, in order to create not just a better media, but a better world.”

Our presentation “A Platform for Community Media” will be delivered by Thomas Lowenhaupt. The presentation and plans for the day are under development here. It’s an ambitious topic that ties media justice into The Civics Project. Your thoughts will be appreciated.

Also, we’re going to have a table at the conference and could use some staffing assistance.

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