hex-clock.jpg The ICANN published a revised schedule for the new global-TLD issuance process on the first day of its tri-annual meeting underway in New Delhi (February 11). The new schedule is presented on slide 19. The full 20 slide presentation is available here. (Note: RFP = Request for Proposals):

  • Feb – May Aspects of RFP published: base agreement; dispute standards and process; technical standard; confusingly similar algorithm/standards
  • Apr-Jun Board approves recommendations (staff target)
  • 15 Jun Draft RFP published
  • 1 Aug Communications effort launched
  • 15 Aug Final DRP in place (accepting middle risk)
  • ~16 Sept RFP amended/posted after synthesizing public comment
  • Oct Board approves final RFP / implementations plan Actual RFP posted – open for 90 days

A few observations.

First, while they did not admit to any delays, the posted schedule is very tight. My recollection from the Los Angeles meeting was that the draft RFP was to be published in February. Now they’ve got pieces of it posted from February through May. Perhaps this is an effective way to move the process forward and provide an opportunity to direct a focus on the different parts. But is there slippage?

Next, I like the “staff target” comment on the Apr-June period. Seems the staff is putting some pressure on the ICANN board. Go staff!

But in the end they still manage to present ICANN as prepared to receive proposals before the end of the year - December 30. Tight as a tick!

The end goal is new TLDs, not speed. We’ve waited 10 years for this process to evolve, let’s not rush the last few details. (Commons Hexadecimal Clock photo courtesy of adactio.)

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