Monday, November 26, 2007 - Thomas Lowenhaupt, Inc.’s director, today appeared before the Commission on Public Information & Communication (COPIC), a New York City policy agency with members representing the city council, borough presidents, several mayoral departments, community boards, the public, and the publishing industry, with the Public Advocate, Betsy Gotbaum, serving as chair.

The City Charter says the “commission shall … undertake, by itself, or in cooperation with other entities, activities to educate the public about the availability and potential usefulness of city produced or maintained information … assist the public in obtaining access to such information … review all city information policies … make recommendations regarding the application of new communications technology to improve public access to city produced or maintained information … programming for the municipal cable channels and broadcasting system.”

Mr. Lowenhaupt reviewed’s history and goals and requested an opportunity for a more detailed presentation at a future meeting.

During the Q&A that followed the presentation, Mr. Lowenhaupt noted his organization’s commitment to make the domain name available for city use. Council Member Gale Brewer, Chair of the Technology in Government Committee, and City Council representative on COPIC, made note of the favorable response received during a recent presentation to the city’s IT agency, DoITT.

Why COPIC? COPIC could help make city agencies aware of the opportunities presented by the .nyc TLD and coordinate city government’s plan for using .nyc domain names.

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