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As the Internet becomes ever more central to commercial, community, and cultural life, those who understand its capabilities, have high speed access, digital skills and tools will thrive. In 2014 the .nyc TLD arrived and now provides New Yorkers with an opportunity to shape the Internet to serve the needs of its residents and organizations. This wiki gathers ideas about .nyc's potential and helps organize residents to test their utility.


For a decade people asked "When can I get a .nyc domain name?" Answer: Go get 'em: 85+ thousand have been sold as of October 2015.

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Monthly Focus

Each month we focus wiki contributors on pages that clearly need improvement. Here are three such pages:







Our effort presumes our generation's Internet decisions are the 21st century's parallel to the canal, reservoir, subway, and airports of our ancestors. And if New York City is to continue as a global leader, it must master the Internet.

We advocate for a city-friendly Internet where a carefully planned and managed .nyc TLD enables residents and visitors to locate and use city resources within a safe environment. ­(See our Advantages of the .nyc TLD page details the benefits the .nyc TLD will bring.)

There are more than 250 pages on this wiki. A few inspire, some are outdated or unfinished. Here are some favorites:

    Key Pages

    Each page here invites user contributions and is linked to one of the following key pages. We urge you to read and to write on them. [ Note: to write you must first join the project.]

    • .nyc TLD Contract Documents - The city's contract documents with ICANN and NeuStar for the operation and marketing of the .nyc TLD
    • .NYC Advisory Board - This is the key public input channel for the city of New York's .nyc TLD development effort. The Board's meeting reports are perhaps the most timely and inside info on developments.
    • Mission & Objectives - Why we exist and what we hope to accomplish.
    • Governance - Like the air, water, streets, and schools the .nyc TLD is infrastructure that will best serve city residents when an informed public is fully engaged in its governance. See our recommended governance plans, and info about our board of directors.
    • The Operating Environment - Learn about a TLD's role in issuing names, operating the registry, maintaining portals, and creating a safe communications environment.
    • Domain Name Allocation Plan - Help identify domain names to be set aside for public and civic use, for operational purposes, for auction, for distribution on a first-come first-served basis...


    About Our Wiki - It's like Wikipedia, here for you to edit. Need help editing? Got a bug report? Contact us.


    This wiki is a collaborative effort licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3­.0 License. ­ Creative Commons License

    Connecting.nyc Inc. gratefully acknowledges the assistance of CoActivate in providing this blog and wiki.
    If you need digital resources for your project, contact CoActivate using the below links.

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