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CoActivate is the simple way to bring groups together, promote your cause, make plans, manage projects, and get things done. CoActivate offers free mailing lists, wikis, task tracking, team management, and blogs to help you build an online community and promote real-world change.

Newest projects

  • TestProjectAli

    created April 25

    education purpose

  • service by a director or body corporate

    created April 9

    Since 1.7.2012, any service provided by a director who is non executive, nominee and independent directors to the company, thus on such activity carried service tax is payable. Under are the justif...

  • OpenContacts

    created February 13

    Contacts management between platforms - servers, clients, tools & interoperability issues. Today vCard & CardDAV, tomorrow who knows?

  • Play the Call

    created January 27

  • Bicycle Sprint

    created January 27

    A Plone sprint in Berlin, 16-22 March.

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